Off-Road Adventure, 10 Essential Accessories

Winches and big tires, are fun and colorful add-ons. But to ensure the success of your adventure, the 10 essential off-road accessories listed here will ensure a safe and trouble-free adventure, and will provide maximum performance for time and money.

1.- ARB ARB505 E-Z Deflator Kit

ARB ARB505 E-Z Deflator

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When traversing deep sand and rock, it’s best to air down tires to increase traction. Because large off-road tires often need to go from street pressures above 30 psi to well below 15 psi, the process can take a long time. An ARB E-Z Deflator actually screws onto the valve stem and allows you to remove the valve core, letting air zoom out when you need it to.

The unique, patented design of the E-Z deflator allows for removal of the valve core for rapid tire deflation, while also providing accurate pressure reading via the simple movement of a sliding valve.

2.- ARB Essentials Recovery Kit

10 Off-Road Accessories Not to Miss

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If you don’t have a Warn electric winch sitting on your front bumper to extract your rig from sticky situations, you can still add a winch accessory kit to aid in recovery.

ARB USA now offers a complete pre-assembled boxed kit, the ARB Essentials Recovery Kit includes everything the off-roader needs to get started. Whether it be a simple snatch recovery or a more serious winch recovery, the ARB Essentials Recovery Kit has what you need to get started. Retailing for $280, the ARB Essentials Recovery Kit represents exceptional value and a savings over purchasing each component individually.

3.- Bushranger Sandtrack


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Ideal for use on any vehicle. The Bushranger Sandtrack feature a completely new design which has been specifically Engineered for Maximum Traction in Sand, Mud and Snow. They are designed to bend and flex to suit the wheel tracks and grip as much of the tyre as possible.

4.- ARB On-Board High Performance 12 Volt Twin Air Compressor

ARB On-Board High Performance 12 Volt Twin Air Compressor

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When you’re done playing in the rocks and dirt, though, you’ll need to air the tires up again, but a convenient source of air probably won’t be close by. That’s why experienced four-wheeling enthusiasts pack an air compressor.¬†ARB’s new CKMTA12 and CKMTA24 twin on-board compressor kits were designed to fill the market need for a compact sized yet high-volume compressed air source to suit the high volume airflow needs of most air powered tools, and also to suit the actuation and control needs of the ARB Air Locker, and the harsh and demanding environment of the ARB Air Locker user.

5.- ARB Fridge Freezer 63qt

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Even on short off-road trips you’ll want to pack food and water.¬†ARB Fridge Freezers are the ideal way to keep your food and beverages chilled or frozen on your 4×4 adventures, regardless of ambient conditions.

Not to be confused with less effective 12 volt ‘coolers’, the ARB unit is a true refrigerator/freezer. Own one and you’ll never again find your lunch water- logged by shifting ice, and there’ll always be a cold drink on hand during the sweltering summer months. Two separate power cords are included, one for AC operation (120 volt) at home, and one for DC operation (12/24 volt) in your vehicle. The all-new 50 qt model is able to maintain sub-freezing temperatures in 90¬į f heat, while only drawing an intermittent 1.35 amps per hour from a 12 volt power source. That’s less than a single headlamp draws!

6.- ARB Portable Ground Anchor


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Without a suitable anchor point, a winch is all but useless. There are many environments such as deserts or alpine regions where trees are few and far between, and for this reason, a ground anchor is a worthwhile addition to your recovery kit.

7.- Folding Shovel

Folding Shovel

A shovel is the number one tool you need to extract your vehicle when you are stuck. When your wheels are spinning you’ll need a shovel to clear out the soft dirt and insert rocks, sticks, or traction device. A folding shovel fits anywhere, but if you want a bit more strength and leverage, then a short D shovel works.

8.- 48″ Hi-Lift Black Cast and Steel Jack


The Hi-Lift is a tall jack, as the name implies, and it can do more than simply raise a vehicle. It can be used as a hand winch, spreader, or clamper. Its accessories allow you to lift a vehicle in deeper sand or lift from the vehicle’s wheel instead of a bumper or frame section. The Hi-Lift (originally called the Automatic Combination Tool or Handyman Jack) has been one of the most popular tools for 4WD enthusiasts since the hobby began.

9.- Medical Kit

Medical Kit

An off-road excursion wouldn’t be much fun if it didn’t take you far away from civilization. But if a medical emergency happens miles from a paved road, you’ll want to have some basics on board. A generic first-aid kit should be considered the bare minimum any four-wheeler should take with them. A better solution would be to have a full medical kit.

10.- Multi Purpose Fire Extinguisher

It’s always smart to install a B-rated (liquids) and C-rated (electrical equipment) fire extinguisher in a 4WD vehicle. After all, there are plenty of fire accelerants right on board every vehicle, including antifreeze, oils, and those hot exhaust pipes.


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