ARB 4×4 Accesories Essentials Recovery Kit RK11


ARB 4×4 Accesories Essentials Recovery Kit RK11

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ARB USA now offers a complete pre-assembled boxed kit, the ARB Essentials Recovery Kit includes everything the off-roader needs to get started. Whether it be a simple snatch recovery or a more serious winch recovery, the ARB Essentials Recovery Kit has what you need to get started. Retailing for $280, the ARB Essentials Recovery Kit represents exceptional value and a savings over purchasing each component individually.

– 1x P/No. ARB502 Recovery Bag Small

– 1x P/No. ARB705LB 17,500lb Snatch Strap

– 1x P/No. ARB730LB 26,500lb x 10? Tree Trunk Protector

– 2x P/No. ARB2014 10,640lbs, 3/4? Pin, D-Shackle

– 1x P/No. 10100020A Snatch Block Ultralight 20,000 lb

The ARB Essentials Recovery Kit (P/No. RK11) is not suitable for all vehicles. Please verify your recovery working loads before ordering the kit. ARB recommends using a snatch strap that is 3-4x the vehicle weight, therefore, ARB recommends this kit for vehicles 5,600lbs and under. Perfect for Jeep Wranglers, small pick-ups like the Toyota Tacoma and small SUVs like the FJ Cruiser, Nissan Xterra and Toyota 4Runner.

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